We are working to do our part to fight the pandemic. So that we can get back life as we knew and loved it.


We work directly as a manufacturer of PPE/PSA products – eliminating any middlemen. We strongly believe that the direct-to-customer (D2C) model is the only way for our customers to be treated fair.

We ensure smooth production and delivery of our orders with constant on-site quality monitoring of our production goods. Our supply chains are globally integrated, transparent and reliable.

We supply governments because we are able to manufacture and to deliver huge amounts of medical certified products.



The protection and health of the population is at stake. Therefore, for all products, to help in the battle of Covid-19 pandemic maximum quality is particularly important.


The combination of fast availability and widespread supply provides the necessary protection for people. This applies in particular to medical protective equipment.


A continuous, on time and smooth capability PPE items in the best quality, this will protect the global population and push back the pandemic.



GHHC AG has been established with the pursuit of contributing to the welfare of society.

Since March 2020, our employees have been intensively involved in the production, procurement and supply of products to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly supplying wholesalers. This gave rise to the idea of establishing Global Human Health&Care AG.

We realized that a key back to normal life is large quantities and fast availability.


At the beginning of the pandemic, the worldwide demand for protective equipment exceeded the possible production capacities.

We at GHHC AG fulfill the health, economic and social mission we have set for ourselves with all consistency.

We manage your orders and ensure, with the help of the most internationally renowned logistics companies, the timely and smooth delivery of Covid-19 vaccines, medically certified personal protective equipment and medical devices. Our comprehensive know-how in the field of logistics, is the expertise for a full supply and stock coverage and provides an important contribution to an efficient and comprehensive supply of all people.


Face Shields

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Medical disposable gloves

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Protective suits

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Rapid test

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The pandemic has upset the world as we knew it. We are forced to limit contacts in order to protect our loved ones. It is only through this crisis that we have become aware of the importance of family, friends and work colleagues – how much we have taken our way of life for granted and how much we want it back as soon as possible.

The GHHC AG has set out to give everyone back a life as we knew and loved it. There will never be a life without the Corona Virus. That’s why it’s especially important to ensure that the population is supplied with medical protective equipment throughout every country.

“Reliability Is Our Guiding Principle.” Peter Cromm

We are your partner to ensure certified quality, large quantities, centralized or decentralized supply at best and fair prices in the confusing procurement market for medical protective equipment.



Our guiding values

We follow the highest health recommendations, values and standards of the most prestigious institutes.

Your team

We have come together as a team of specialists to help you
in the battle of Covid-19.

Peter Cromm

Chairman of the Board


Ava Brinkmann

Head of Marketing & Communication


Alexander Ludorf

Head of International Sales


Marc Dujardin

Purchasing management